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TPO是托福線上全真模擬測驗(TOEFL Practice Online)的縮寫,是ETS官方的模擬測驗,對於想提升英文能力的學員和要參加托福考試TOEFL iBT的學員考前模擬及複習都有很大的幫助!






Section 1


1、從女生的話中知道她想找一本書,但是沒找到,所以請求library assistant 的幫助

2、Assistant: He’s a volcano expert so I thought he might be teaching your class.


4、女生提到要查 Volcano Ruaephu,就是一個特定的火山,而非全部的新西蘭火山

5、他說是2001年的資料,還有用嗎? Is that okay do you think? assistant 煩惱這個太老了。





TPO27托福聽力解析 - Lecture 1 : Marine Biology (Coral Reefs)
TPO27托福聽力解析 – Lecture 1 : Marine Biology (Coral Reefs) – Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

1、There are several techniques being employed tody that could prove useful ensuring the future of the reefs.
這就是lecture的topic sentence 根據它來確定選項。

2、Coral is very sensitive to water temperature……….One future possibility is that improved monitoring can help predict when and where bleaching occur.
Monitor只提到了water temperature monitor,所以可以確定第二句的monitor指的什麼。

3、教授的話中,出現了 could only be used as the last result, costly, even if it is successful, it still fails to address the ongoing problem.

4、這個東西 resistant to bleaching,與D項對應。然後是 key points of overall resilience,那前面就是是解釋這些refugia是關鍵的原因

5、定位到 mangrove,這屬於一個例子,首先確定他是對 reef有好處的,mangrove roots have the ability to absorb and trap sediments of polluted water that flow through them before they enter the ocean. 這就是淨化水源的作用

6、在教授的例子中,這些都是 feed on organism that eat corals。所以答案很明顯They prevent a reef from growing by preying on young corals.





TPO27托福聽力解析 - History of Musical Instruments (Violins) -
TPO27托福聽力解析 – History of Musical Instruments (Violins) – Photo by Jordan Mixson on Unsplash

1、Tone quality differs from instrument to instrument. And the question is why. Why does an instrument sound more beautiful than another even if they look identical? Lecture的其他部分全部是來解答這個問題,所以確定答案為C

2、Today’s violin makers can pretty much replicate all the physical attributes of a Cremonese violin. Physical attributes 指的就是 craftsmanship。而且從後文中也可以看出主要是木材的緣故,與技藝無關。

3、就是生長週期的不同導致了 density differential,所以教授討論生長週期就是在解釋為什麼有 density differential

4、對於古琴來說,辦法是:turns out the Cremonese violins were made from trees that grew during a little ice age when temperature across Europe is significantly lower than normal. 也就是說 Cremonese 的木頭是在小冰河期時候長出來的,全年氣候都比較寒冷

5、He basically exposed the wood to a species of fungus, a mushroom……..but this particular fungus nibbles away only at certain layers in the wood……..as a result, the fungi treated wood approaches the woods of Cremonese wood.. 確定答案選擇A






Section 1


1、Student: would it be okay to focus on something related to agriculture?

2、 Professor: Hydroponic………is it a premodern technology?

3、學生說文章說Aztec 發明了 hydroponics,教授就解釋去證明後面的話: It appear to be hydroponics, but the plants draw nutrients from soil證明這種技藝不是水培。

4、Professor: It’s pretty common for a writer to generalize…用hydroponics去描述另一種技術,還說作者用這個詞 casually,所以說教授認為這個並不十分準確。

5、Student: So I guess that all historians might not might describe Chinampas either.
Professor: Good point! Why not looking to that point too?
根據教授的why not,說明教授建議學生把這個也寫進論文





TPO27托福聽力解析 - Lecture 3 : Zoology (Sauropods)
TPO27托福聽力解析 – Lecture 3 : Zoology (Sauropods) – Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash

教授說我們要討論Sauropod,by comparing fossil records to modern animals 答案就在這兩句中。

現在世界上最大的動物住在海裡,海裡食物比陸地上多樣,還有 but for an ocean-going whale, that’s not a problem. 說明陸地大型動物的一些困難可以在海裡解決

However, we now know……..there were much less plants for sauropods to eat than we thought.

前文中教授說 It is hard to maintain populations時提到的原因是:需要大量食物,生育率低和身體熱量散失困難,所以選AB,D是維持,這個不對

Professor: We test hypothesis by looking for evidence to support them, then some questions are answered, that may lead to new questions. 然後就是gastroliths的例子,來證明這句話。講完這個例子後還有 the original hypothesis, the stones was found as gastroliths, even though hasn’t been supported, has helped to make new hypothesis, which may eventually lead to the answer. 答案中的useful research指的即是這個






TPO27托福聽力解析 - Lecture 4 : Studio Art (Primary Colors)
TPO27托福聽力解析 – Lecture 4 : Studio Art (Primary Colors) – Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

文章講了牛頓,歌德和Runge三個人的理論,說明中心就是 color theory的發展。

You’d better use a pure green. 說明用三原色混合的顏色不令人滿意。因此對artist來說用處不大。

教授說牛頓並沒有建立起完整地color theory,也沒提到primary color,只是說給了一個客觀地科學解釋,所以說牛頓的例子算作背景資訊,其它選項都沒有提到。

And in terms of this goal, he wasn’t very successful.對應A選項
Scientist studying romantics and chromatics still marvel his studying. 對應C,對色學還是有一定貢獻的。注意marvel的褒獎態度。

Runge’s choice of red, yellow, blue has nothing to do with what we know from modern day chromatics, it had to do with Runge’s complex system of symbolism. ……. Particularly with his experience of quality of lights at various times of the day.: morning noon and night. 與答案對應

He just happened …at the same time of the same theory. 注意教授重讀了happened,說明教授覺得這不一定是 happened。